Hacettepe University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Graduate Monitoring Commission


We established the “Graduate Monitoring Committee to communicate more effectively with all graduates of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Hacettepe University, to analyze the situation after graduation, to plan activity for faculty and department membership and to establish a strong bond between us.

One of the aims of this commission is to determine the thoughts of the graduates of our department after graduation, the problems they face after graduation, faculty / department opportunities in their education processes and their curriculum.

After graduation, it is a common opinion that the connections between the graduates and universities have been lost and the studies that should be done in order to maintain the connections have been neglected. Many university graduates communicate with their graduates through monitoring systems in order to conduct monitoring and evaluation of graduates' professional lives, academic studies, qualifications gained from the university or education they think they can not get from the university, general satisfaction, and corporate belonging. Furthermore, it is stated that being in contact with the graduates' monitoring committee is an important need in the context of today's global climate of work and social life.

In this way, we think that our graduates will be aware of the educational or social activities developed by our department and will have the opportunity to participate in university life again.


Graduate Monitoring Commission Members






Assoc. Prof.

Aslı Akyol Mutlu




İnci Türkoğlu



Res. Assist. Dr.

Tuba Yalçın



Res. Assist

Serap Demir



HU Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate Monitoring Commission

Status: Active (since 2017-2018 academic year)

1962-2019 Undergraduate Number of Graduates: 2802

Number of Graduate Graduates in 2017-2018: 129 (Reached: 104 students)

Number of Undergraduate Graduates in 2018-2019: 119 (to be reached by 2020)




Our Faculty / Department is a commission that keeps track of current information by contacting the graduates.

Commission Duties and Working Principles

  1. It collects personal information such as address of residence, e-mail address, telephone number and communicates with the alumni and records it in the electronic database.
  2. It provides an environment for mutual exchange of ideas by organizing activities such as forums or meetings that will bring together graduates and faculty members and students at least once a year.
  3. It provides guidance and motivation by enabling graduates to transfer their work, careers, important projects and achievements to students.
  4. Applies and evaluates the Graduate Monitoring Questionnaire and reports to the management.
  5. It presents the studies, suggestions, requests and needs to the Faculty / Department Management as a report.

Forms to be used: Alumni Monitoring Survey

Importance of the Commission
  • After graduation, the preparation of our graduates for professional life and their professional attitudes in this process are important. The questionnaire (multiple choice, open-ended questions) that we provide to the graduates provides us with information about whether individuals are working in the profession they are studying in, and how suitable and qualified our undergraduate program is for educating graduates.
  • In the electronic survey (google docs) that we update every year, the cities where our graduates reside after their education, their employment [whether they work / work in the field related to the program they graduated from, if any, the tool (s) in the process of finding employment, initial employment time], fields of study (institution / university) / hospital / special clinical conditions), working conditions (state / foundation, monthly income), professional experience (problems encountered in patient follow-up / follow-up in the clinic), national / international activities (membership to associations or communities, participation in social and / or scientific activities) In addition, a general evaluation report is prepared by taking into consideration the general attendance and contributions of the graduates (graduate / doctoral trainings at state / foundation universities) and graduate education.

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